User Experience Elevated: Integrating Amazon with Top Brands – A Webinar Preview

Ed Wenck | May 13, 2021


CEDIA’s Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships Ian Bryant is ironing out the details for the upcoming webinar “User Experience Elevated: Integrating Amazon with Top Brands” slated for May 27, 2021, at 1 P.M. EDT. Amazon’s Touma Hayakawa (Senior Account Representative, Amazon Devices) will be joined by Melissa Andresko, Chief Corporate Brand Ambassador at Lutron, and Paul Williams, GM of product management and growth at Savant. There’s an integrator aboard, too: Joe Whitaker, owner of the firm Thoughtful Integrations.

The concept: Amazon’s part of Propel, the CEDIA affinity program (which you can learn about here), and their pro solutions can work and play really, really well with Lutron and Savant products to give your clients better solutions for their home technology wants and needs. While the Savant and Lutron teams are busy finalizing their presentations, Bryant’s got a handle on the direction of the webinar: “I suspect one of the items they'll talk about, for example, is the additional user interface options – say, adding voice to both the Lutron and Savant control packages in a really seamless way.” It’s already being done, and that’s why Whitaker’s involved. “Joe will wrap it up because he installs Amazon products, he's part of the Propel program, and he has worked with Lutron and Savant. So he's going to kind of give some use case thoughts and support the whole conversation.”

One of those use cases has been a smash for Thoughtful Integrations, according to Bryant: “Whitaker signed up to become a Ring Pro when he signed up for Propel and he gets sales leads from Amazon. In fact, his big success story is that he landed a commercial project through the Ring Pro program that got his company a nationwide contract.” (Once again proving, by the way, that “resimerical” is becoming Very Much A Thing.)

Becoming Part of Propel

The affinity program clearly isn’t just for new companies (such as Immersive Gym and Zuma), although the same spirit exists that drove Expo’s Innovation Alley (now called the “Launchpad”). Amazon has (obviously) been around for a while, as has Autoslide – but Amazon’s pushing for more pro-install solutions, and Autoslide has just recently connected with the CEDIA universe.

So who gets the nod?

“The process is very thorough and in includes multiple one o one meetings with the manufacturer or service provider, many internal meetings with staff and volunteers and making sure they meeting all the necessary criteria,” says Bryant.

“Our goal is to have, at any point in time, at least 10 to 12 brands in the program. We're trying to fill the program up so it has diversity -- not just in what the products are, but also in their availability.

“We're trying to make it as global as possible.”

User Experience Elevated: Integrating Amazon with Top Brands

Learn directly from Amazon, a CEDIA Propel partner, how in-demand Amazon products can be integrated in the home to boost user experience with two of the biggest names in control and automation: Lutron and Savant.


Touma Hayakawa, Senior Account Representative | Amazon Devices Sales, Amazon
Melissa Andresko, Chief Corporate Brand Ambassador, Lutron
Paul Williams, GM Product Management & Growth at GE Lighting, Savant
Joe Whitaker, Thoughtful Integrations

May 27, 2021

1 P.M. EDT