TCD Update

Ed Wenck | Jun 01, 2021

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The CEDIA Designer is constantly being updated. Here’s a quick Q&A with the “TCD Guys” – Guy Singleton (TCD’s inventor) and CEDIA’s Ian Bryant – on recent developments.

CEDIA: What are the features of the most recent version? How is it different, better?

Bryant: We’ve improved manufacturer filtering added dynamic speaker placement adjustment that reacts to your commands in real time, and give users the ability to add line source speakers, including improved calculation.

CEDIA: How often are these software updates made, and who’s behind them?

Singleton: Updates are made throughout the year. We have a queue based on importance and value to the user. David MacDonald and I handle these updates.

CEDIA: What new training tools are available?

CEDIA: Bryant: We have webinars happening quarterly throughout the year: Four for the US/EMEA market, two for Asia Pacific, and two in Spanish. We will have four in-person trainings at Expo with hands-on testing (two of which will be in Spanish). We also have a class in the LMS and a new video walkthrough on the website.


CEDIA: What improvements are on the horizon?

Singleton: We’ll soon have support from the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), adding in documentation and recommended practices from ISF, horizontal and vertical viewing angle calculations, and the inverse square law for light output and throw distance.

Additionally, Media Room Renders will allow users to experience the features currently only available in Cinema Room versions of the tool. This will eventually mean that “in-room” speakers and drop-down screens will be seen in the renders and enhanced visual. It will take that tier of the software and enhance it to match the cinema room / pro levels.

Manufacturers will have the opportunity to input detailed reports and product test results to prove their products’ performance. With those reports and the data users will be able to create a cinema/media room based on the cinema grades the R10 group is setting in the new CEB22 standards. This will revolutionize the way home cinema and media spaces are designed and sold in the industry.

CEDIA: What’s the time saved with TCD vs. manual calculations?
Bryant: A system can be generated in minutes and save an integrator hours or even days. It is still highly recommended for the designer to have a baseline knowledge fundamentals of cinema design, acoustics, audio, and video. The tool can do the calculations, documentation and CAD creation within seconds and the 3D renderings in just a few minutes. Lastly, remember: Integrators should be selling all of their services, including system designs.

Dozens of new products have been added to the tool. Find more at cedia.net/tcd.

CEDIA Members have free access to the Media Room software and significant discounts on the rest of the tool’s offerings.