From the Evolving Needs of Home-Dwellers to 'Zoning' Tech, Dive Deeper into What’s Now and Next

Dan McGowan | Aug 11, 2021

Giles Sutton

Integrators everywhere are building more robust networks and helping customers shift toward using technology for "zoning" areas where they work, live, and play within the home. Those are a couple of key takeaways from CEDIA Interim Co-CEO Giles Sutton’s recent appearance on The Peggy Smedley Show.

"With technology, you can change the whole feel of a room," Sutton told Peggy Smedley, host of the IoT-focused podcast. Sutton says this zoning doesn't strictly mean installing a home gym or dedicated home cinema, it also encompasses a variety of environmental aspects of any space that can be changed with the right expertise and technology: anything from light color and temperature adjustments to high-resolution projection systems, serving as a transformation portal to multi-use rooms that convert with the push of a button, and more.

Additionally, Sutton touched on topics including augmented reality (like CEDIA Propel partner Immersive Gym), human-centric lighting, wellness-focused technology backed by artificial intelligence, and the shifting balance between customer needs, integrator abilities, and design/build partner collaborations.

Listen to Giles Sutton with Peggy Smedley here.