Advance Your Knowledge, Business, and Career with CEDIA at ISE 2022

Jessica Guyon | Apr 06, 2022

ISE 2022We’re getting excited for the action-packed return of ISE 2022. If you’re planning to attend, take advantage of CEDIA’s comprehensive professional development program, delivered by industry experts from across the globe.  

Here’s a roundup of this year’s highlights. 

Get Certified! 

You can now take CEDIA examinations at the show, as well as earn the valuable Cabling & Infrastructure Technician (CIT) or Integrated Systems Technician (IST) certifications. Certification exams take place on Friday 13 May | 10:00 – 13:30. 

Calibration, Graduation! 

Celebrating all things calibration, this duo will be a major highlight of CEDIA’s professional development program: 

  • HAA Audio Calibration – Certification Training (Monday 9 May – Thursday 12 May | 08:30-17:30)  

  • ISF Video Calibration Level 2 & 3 Certification Training (Monday 9 May – Wednesday 11 May | 09:30-17:30).  

Gerald Lemay, Founder of the Home Acoustics Alliance will present HAA Audio Calibration Certification Training, starting with Level 1 Home Cinema Design Certification, which can be completed online ahead of ISE 2022. Participants can complete Level 2 Integrator certification on days 1 and 2, and Level 3 Advanced Integrator Certification on days 3 and 4. By the end of the course, participants can design and calibrate a high-performance system.  

ISF Founder Joel Silver will lead the ISF Video Calibration training, which covers the principles of HDMI signal pathways and distribution including troubleshooting solutions. Participants will participate in labs to connect video sources to displays through audio video receivers and matrix switches to make the correct adjustments, using appropriate video patterns and reading from color analyzers for control, contrast, brightness, color, tint, sharpness, gamma, color gamut and white balance.  

“If you’re a level 1 graduate, you now qualify to take this hands training course where you will be using Spectroradiometers, Colorimeters, ISF software and test pattern generators to complete your ISF Certification. It is the logical next step in delivering the visual intent of creative artists and directors to a client’s home video system.” Joel Silver 

Change Your Mindset 

Design Thinking and Inclusive Design Practice is an immersive, Powerpoint-free workshop in which participants can learn and practice an end-to-end Design Thinking process, to become more human-centric and understanding of the user(s) needs.  

Industry experts, Peter Aylett and Rich Green will be guiding attendees through the session which will challenge assumptions, and redefine problems, with the goal of identifying alternative strategies and inclusive solutions. 

The course takes inspiration from The British Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), which published and promotes the principles of inclusive design as it relates to the built environment: 

Inclusive – so everyone can use it safely, easily and with dignity 
Responsive – taking account of what people say they need and want 
Flexible – so different people can use it in different ways 
Convenient – so everyone can use it without too much effort or separation 
Accommodating for all people, regardless of their age, gender, mobility, ethnicity or circumstances 
Welcoming – with no disabling barriers that might exclude some people 
Realistic – offering more than one solution to help balance everyone’s needs and recognizing that one solution may not work for all 

“This intensive workshop will teach highly collaborative and interactive Design Thinking principles, which will enable you to develop ideas and solutions that embrace inclusive design practices within technology integration in the built environment. Inclusive design isn’t just for the physically and cognitively impaired but embraces a new approach to putting people before technology and considering the needs of every user - and potential user - of the building and how integrated technology might improve their lives.” Peter Aylett. 

Back to Business 

ISE is the ideal time to focus on your business, it’s the perfect opportunity to meet, learn and grow your network.  

Talking business at ISE, respected industry business consultant and CEDIA Fellow, Leslie Shiner, is back by popular demand with a series of four short courses, exploring challenges with project management, job costing, way to increase profitability and how training can grow your business: 

  • 20 Ways to Increase Profits - Tuesday 10 May | 12:00-13:30  

  • A Project Manager’s Guide to the Financial Stuff – Tuesday 10 May| 14:00-15:30 

  • Better Job Costing and Labor Control to Increase Profits – Wednesday 11 May | 12:00-13:30 

  • Building your Business with Training – Wednesday 11 May | 14:00 – 15:30 

Book in for a bite-sized business boost that will set you on a solid course for success in 2022! 

Setting Standards – New for 2022 

RP22 Audio and Room Design Recommended Practice Workshop (Tuesday 10 May | 14:00-17:00) is an intensive advanced training that introduces the new guidelines in RP22. The workshop focuses on the four objectively defined levels of performance that will define different levels of immersive experience. Presented by Peter Aylett and Rich Green, the course takes a ‘teach then do’ approach and will challenge small groups to apply guidelines to real-world rooms. 

Also new for 2022, CEDIA/CTA-RP28 HDMI System Design and Verification Recommended Practice (Thursday 12 May | 12:00 – 13:30) is hosted by Jason Dustel of Murideo. This course explores in detail the new standard and its implications for the CEDIA community. It’s a Recommended Practice that dives deep into making sure that what goes into via HDMI at one end comes out exactly the same way at the other end by looking at the entire signal path whether repeaters are in the chain or not.  

Looking to the Future 

The CEDIA Tech Council will lead this special session, revealing insights from CEDIA’s recent future-looking project, The Integrator of 2027 (Wednesday 11 May | 14:00 – 15:30). In this interactive session, the group will share their predictions about what technologies we’ll be embracing in 2027,  take a look at how the market is changing and discuss how integrators can be best placed to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.    

Access All Areas 

The CEDIA All Access Training Pass is available to both CEDIA members and non-members and provides unlimited entry to CEDIA education sessions during the show (excluding CEDIA Special Two-Day Courses). The pass is available for pre-booking at an exclusive Early Bird rate of €230 for members and €300 for non-members.  

For the latest news or to book your CEDIA Professional Development at ISE 2022 visit, www.iseurope.org/cedia-education.