Building Your Business with Training

Leslie Shiner, Owner of The ShinerGroup | Jul 18, 2022

Many of us grew up believing a common misconception: we’d graduate from either high school or college, get a job, and then our studying days would be over. No more cramming, no more exams, no more formal education. But that’s not how the business world operates. To stay competitive, everyone has to continually learn. This is especially true regarding integrators. Don’t believe me? Remember VHS players? Blockbuster Video? Once, these were mainstays; now they’re technology relics. The way to stay competitive today is with both technical and management training for owners and employees. Good training, on an ongoing basis, can pay significant dividends in your company. 

Understand Adult Learners 

As a child, learning was very directed: everyone learned the same information at basically the same time. This doesn’t work for adults. Study after study has shown that the adult learner is motivated by the acquisition of knowledge and wants that information on an as-needed basis. The adult learner wants information specific to his or her needs, and wants the information in an easily understood format. 

Adult students learn in different ways. These include: 

  • Some individuals learn best in a group setting. These people should utilize workshops. 

  • Some learn best on their own. This type could use manuals or online tutorials. 

  • Others learn best with hands-on experience. For these people, online training programs or lab settings are the answer. 

When considering training options, first determine what method your employee(s) prefer. Then, make available a mix of training options, so different learning styles are accommodated.

Employer Pushback!  

Too many business owners are afraid to invest in their employees, assuming the employees will exploit the company paid training and then use that knowledge to jump to a different company! While that might happen, employees do not typically leave a good job for no reason. It’s rarely about the money, it’s usually about the people or the processes. Employees who feel appreciated will be less likely to leave and a well training employee will be a satisfied employee.

Training Never Ends 

The business world is constantly changing, which requires your organization to make lifelong learning a necessity, not a luxury. You can take your business to the next level with employee and management training. The investment in time and money will be recouped many times. 

Leslie ShinerAbout the Author 

Author, speaker, and instructor, Leslie has over 25 years’ experience as a financial and management consultant. She is the owner of The ShinerGroup, a consulting firm helping integrators maximize profits and gain financial control.  

Leslie has been recognized as a CEDIA Fellow, and has received the CEDIA Top 10 Instructor Award in multiple years.