The CEDIA Designer Introduces Baffle Wall Functionality

| Dec 03, 2018

The latest update to the cinema and media room design tool further bolsters the software’s ability to design technically accurate cinema room designs with predictable results, whilst increasing the efficiency of the loudspeakers included in each individual TCD theatre room design.

Using TCD’s new baffle wall functionality allows TCD users to increase and reduce the depth of the baffle wall in accordance with the depth and width of the selected loudspeakers and subwoofers in it, with the software updating its calculations in real-time.

In addition to improving the aesthetics of a home cinema, experienced AV integrators can appreciate the crucial role a baffle wall plays in regard to designing and constructing a well-performing, acoustically optimised cinema room, facilitating a large, controlled sound image that accurately tracks sound elements in sync with onscreen action, increased low frequency output, reduced diffraction and no speaker boundary interference.

“Using a baffle wall is the proper way to construct a theatre,” said TCD inventor, Guy Singleton. “It’s a really important part of the design and construction process; you can gain a few dB of efficiency by mounting a speaker in a baffle wall, and we are pleased to be able to offer this feature to our users to enable them to design the best theatres they possibly can – confident in the fact that their designs will translate to rooms with predictable results based on TCD’s mathematical calculations.”

Further increasing TCD’s design flexibility is another new feature which is now live: LCR loudspeakers (front left, centre and right channels) can now be specified as in-ceiling LCRs.

“If an integrator wants to specify in-ceiling LCRs with height Atmos channels with bookshelf monitors as the surrounds – this is now possible,” said Guy.

TCD’s baffle wall functionality is available within TCD’s Cinema Room and Cinema Room Pro subscription options.