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Press Releases

  • New CEDIA White Paper Keys in on Cabling

    Dan McGowan | May 21, 2019
    CEDIA has released its latest white paper, which explores the ever-changing universe of cabling for home technology professionals. Infrastructure Cabling for Voice, Data and Video takes a deep dive into applications, standards, and recommendations for uses of a variety of cable families.
  • Technical Judges Announced for the 2019 CEDIA Awards

    Olivia Sellke | May 09, 2019
    CEDIA has enlisted the help of industry experts and past CEDIA Award winners to join the 2019 CEDIA Awards Home Technology Professional judging panel. With entries now closed, the judges have begun the first round of technical judging and will name the finalists once this stage is completed on June 11th.
  • Registration Opens for CEDIA Awards & Leadership Conference

    Olivia Sellke | May 08, 2019
    Registration has opened for CEDIA’s new Awards and Leadership Conference. The conference, designed for executive leadership, will offer attendees a full day of education sessions followed by the CEDIA Awards Celebration.
  • CEDIA Releases Updated ESC-D Certification Test

    Dan McGowan | May 06, 2019
    CEDIA has released an updated ESC-D exam -- the test to earn the global organization's highest certification credential. The improvements follow a rigorous review and feedback process that involved more than 100 participants with heavy input from industry professionals from throughout the world.
  • Robert Keeler Joins CEDIA as the Senior Director of Sales, Sponsorships, and Partnerships

    Olivia Sellke | May 01, 2019
    CEDIA has announced that Robert Keeler has joined the CEDIA staff as the Senior Director of Sales, Sponsorships, and Partnerships. In this role, Keeler will be responsible for facilitating the achievement of current and long-term sales plans and positioning of CEDIA's industry relationships.

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