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Advanced Residential Electronic Systems Book, Third Edition (Soft Cover)

This comprehensive book represents the next generation of the highly successful CEDIA Technical Reference Manual.  It has been enhanced and expanded to include more thorough content in areas such as networking, HDMI, system design and thermal management.  It serves as a valuable resource for all industry professionals, especially those pursuing CEDIA’s higher certifications (ESC-T, ESC-D, ESC-N). Combined with the Fundamentals book, it provides a truly complete overview of the industry.  A “must-have” for any integrator, in any part of the world.

Table of Contents
1 - Basic Electronics and Electricity
2 - Cabling and Infrastructure
3 - Retrofit Installation
4 - Audio Systems
5 - Video Systems
6 - Home Theater Acoustics and Room Design
7 - Control Systems and User Interfaces
8 - Equipment Installation
9 - Troubleshooting
10 - Network Fundamentals
11 - Wireless Networking in the Home
12 - Advanced Residential Networking
13 - Subsystems and Integration
14 - The Designer and the Process
15 - Design and Engineering Documents
16 - Project Management
17 - Customer Relations

Improve the quality of your work and turn knowledge into profit by having your entire staff use the Advanced Residential Electronic Systems book as its "go to" encyclopedia of the industry.

The Advanced Residential Electronic Systems book is a printed, soft-cover book. Published in 2015.

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