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Cabling Infrastructure Technician Book - Soft Cover

This book serves as a comprehensive body of knowledge covering the tasks and responsibilities of a Cabling and Infrastructure Technician (CIT). Built around the CIT job task analysis as defined by subject matter experts, this book covers the essential tools, equipment, principles, and best practices required to successfully install, terminate, and test the infrastructure required to support integrated technology systems. Topics such as jobsite safety, electrical theory, and cable properties are just a few of the critical knowledge areas and skill sets addressed which are necessary to succeed in the rapidly growing technology integration industry. This book is designed to help individuals prepare for the CEDIA Certified Cabling and Infrastructure Technician exam and is also an ideal reference to accompany on-the-job training or more formal education programs.

Mastery of the CIT body of knowledge and related skills is foundational for a variety of careers related to systems integration and is the first step towards achieving the CEDIA Integrated Systems Technician (IST) certification and further specialties. This book is succeeded by the CEDIA Integrated Systems Technician book (avaible January 2021) which expands on the foundational knowledge of the CIT and explores the specific applications related to installation and integration of residential technology equipment and systems.

The Cabling Infrastructure Technician book provides the foundation on which to base more advanced study, real world experience, or higher industry certifications.

Table of Contents 
1 - Introduction to the Industry
2 - Professionalism and Documentation
3 - Basic Mathematics and Electricity
4 - Safety, Codes and Standards
5 - Construction Methods and Materials
6 - Tools and Fasteners
7 - Cable Basics and Premises Wiring
8 - Trimout and Testing
9 - Introduction to Subsystems
21 - Resources

Click here to view the detailed table of contents and book introduction pages. 

The Cabling Infrastructure Technician book is a soft-cover book with 330 pages that includes color graphics, a full glossary, and practice questions at the end of each chapter. Published in October 2020.

Use the Cabling Infrastructure Technician  book to get you or your team up-to-speed quickly – saving time and gaining the know-how they need to succeed.

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