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Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran with years of experience, the CEDIA Career Center is your first stop to finding a new job with a CEDIA member company.

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A Note on Industry Credentials

Recognized professional certifications are a great way to identify qualified candidates.

If you are hiring experienced people, look for the CEDIA Certifications that match your requirements (ESC, ESC-T, ESC-D, ESC-N). For entry-level technicians, the ESPA certification proves the applicant has mastered the EST fundamentals.  

If you are seeking your first job in the industry, having CEDIA ESC or ESPA Certified EST credentials will tell potential employers you are ready to begin your career in residential systems.

Careers in Home Technology

The growth of the home technology industry has created a need for skilled and career-minded professionals to fill the industry's labor needs. Learn more about career paths and opportunities in the industry.