CEDIA Member of Excellence 

Encouraging Inclusiveness, Celebrating Excellence

The more technology advances, the more it seems the signal gets lost in the noise. Let’s change that. You and your company work hard to stay ahead of the curve, so let us help you stay ahead of the herd. As a CEDIA Advanced Member or CEDIA Member of Excellence, you’ll get the recognition you need so you can keep getting the business you deserve.

CEDIA Members make up the most powerful home Technology network, but not every company is the same. To be a CEDIA Advanced Member means demonstrating a proven commitment to continuing education, customer service, and community outreach. It also means getting access to exclusive marketing tools, like the CEDIA Advanced Member logo. Your hard work is what sets you apart, being a CEDIA Advanced Member helps that hard work get noticed.

Applications will be accepted soon.

As a CEDIA Member of Excellence, your quality is undisputed. Only given to CEDIA Advanced Members with a record of award winning craftsmanship, and a dedication to advanced industry certifications, it’s our way of making sure the best really do rise to the top. Building on the resources given to CEDIA Advanced Members, CEDIA Members of Excellence are given an even greater set of marketing tools, first placement in listings, increased access to cutting edge education, and more. Get ahead, and stay ahead. 

Applications will be accepted soon.

CEDIA Member Benefits

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CEDIA members have access to exclusive savings, programs, and offerings designed to benefit their businesses. Power your passion with CEDIA membership. 

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CEDIA members have access to training, resources, networking, and savings that help build stronger businesses.

Membership FAQs

Questions about the process? Check these FAQs and find out how to get the answers you need.

Online Training

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Get the training you need in a way that fits your schedule and budget with CEDIA's online training options. Offerings include live and pre-recorded webinars as well as interactive, self-paced eCourses and Lessons.




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