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The CEDIA Designer Launches True-To-Room Renders

by User Not Found | Apr 13, 2018

As part of its 35+ page PDF output, The CEDIA Designer (TCD) is excited to offer its users enhanced render tool functionality, which will now accurately reflect the room designed by the TCD user.

The recent update arms TCD users with a powerful sales tool, allowing installers to show clients exactly the way the finished cinema or media room could look based on the equipment and decor choices the installer has made – before the install has even been approved. Added to the technical documentation TCD produces which outlines and justifies the choice of equipment, the enhanced visualised render allows TCD users to present a comprehensive summary of the cinema or media room to a client, or submit to the CEDIA Awards for consideration for its cinema or media room categories.
The render now replicates exactly what the room will look like, reflecting the exact dimensions of the room as entered by the user in the initial design, the screen size and position, whether the projector is in-room or on a lifter, or whether the room has a coffer or a starlit ceiling, for instance. The updated render tool lets users select which seat to render the view-to-screen from, and all seating will appear exactly as specified in the design. This will not be a generic representation of a chair; the render now shows the manufacturer’s seating as it looks in real life (with all colour options from each brand available), and in the correct location and correct configuration. Users can also now choose from an ever-expanding list of fabrics, colours and textures for the walls, carpets and ceilings.
This update is particularly useful for showcasing a cinema design to less tech-savvy clients; in the instance that the client requests a change in equipment or décor, the benefit of using TCD means that the installer can very quickly produce a new design incorporating any changes, or can produce gold, silver and bronze design options in the initial pitch.
“TCD was always built with the technical aspects of cinema design in mind, and until now the rendered image of the cinema room TCD produced served more as a visual aid to complement the technical part of the design,” commented TCD MD, Guy Singleton. “However, due to the new update, the software now produces a render that shows the cinema or media room – exactly as it will look as per the design. Now TCD users can produce the full technical design, as well as showing what the room will actually look like, and in a few minutes. A design could be emailed to a client in a very short space of time for approval, aided further by the new visual elements – allowing them to imagine the feel of the room, as well as feel confident that the technical side of things are taken care of. This is an element of TCD that we know our users have been waiting for, and this is just the first step towards offering everything from fabric swatches to Pantone pickers."
The enhanced renders take approximately six minutes to render, however should the TCD user need to send off a design right away, the placeholder renders TCD users will be familiar with are also produced automatically.

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