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The CEDIA Designer Launches Media Room Pro

by User Not Found | May 22, 2018

The CEDIA Designer (TCD) has launched a fourth subscription option named Media Room Pro, with a feature set and pricing structure that sits in-between TCD’s Media Room and Cinema Room subscription options.

Effective immediately, users subscribing to Media Room Pro can quickly produce technically accurate media room designs for clients that don’t have the room or budget to accommodate a private cinema room, but that desire the flexibility of a multi-functional media room / gaming space.
New for Media Room Pro:
Dual Display:
Users now have the option to design a media room featuring a flat panel display andan in-ceiling or on-ceiling mounted dropdown projection screen, and can adjust the distance of the dropdown screen from the wall in subtle 1mm increments. The dropdown screen is clearly represented in the 3D CAD drawing that TCD produces.
Non-Acoustically Transparent Screens:
The introduction of Media Room Pro sees a plethora of non-acoustically transparent screens join TCD’s ever-expanding manufacturer database.
Loudspeaker Positioning:
TCD is currently rolling out an update which will ensure that floor-standing loudspeakers never encroach on the viewable area of the flat panel display or drop-down projection screen. Users familiar with TCD’s cinema room subscription options will notice that the loudspeaker selection part of the room design in Media Room Pro is further down the process.

Performance Objective Table
The CEDIA Designer’s media room designs take guidance from CEA/CEDIA CEB-22 and CEB-23 home theatre standards for design, as well as several ITU documents on audio and video criteria. Whether TCD users are using Media Room, Media Room Pro, Cinema Room or Cinema room Pro, as of now a home cinema recommended practice performance objective table will give users that particular room’s performance objectives in order to drive their equipment choices.

“Media rooms are becoming increasingly popular,” said TCD inventor, Guy Singleton. “If clients don’t have the space or budget for a dedicated theatre room with tiered seating, but they want to watch a mix of TV programmes, movies and incorporate gaming functionality, a media room with a flat panel display and a drop-down screen is a great solution. Using Media Room Pro, integrators can quickly design media rooms with displays from a range of TV manufacturers, also integrating a triggered down screen and projector for more of a fluid, cinematic feel.”
New Features
Other notable key updates in TCD for Cinema Room and Cinema Room Pro subscribers include:

  • Loudspeakers now can be positioned behind the screen if they are within the polar coordinates for the frontal soundstage.
  • Where applicable, TCD will align a loudspeaker inside the edge of a projection screen (within the 22 degrees guidelines).

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