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TCD Pricing

With so many advantages to using TCD, cinema installers are flocking to use the tool. So how much is it?

Single Use = One design with up to two edits.
Monthly Subscription = 30 designs per month. Minimum term of three months
One-Off Yearly Payment = 365 designs per year.

The CEDIA-owned software (formerly known as The Cinema Designer) is available for CEDIA integrator members at a significant cost reduction*. Once you are part of the CEDIA community your company gains access to dozens of member benefits designed to maximise your success.

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All prices are in US Dollars:

Our Pricing Plans

Media Room

CEDIA Members

  • N/A per use
  • N/A per month
  • Free per year


  • $150 per use
  • $55 per month
  • $625 per year
About Our

Media Room Plan

Our most basic plans offer you a quick way to design basic media rooms — that is, designed for multiple entertainment options in mind. ... More

Features included in Media RoomOpen
  • Account management and job history portal and the ability to edit previous room designs (each edit is also one of your uses of the tool);
  • 5.1/7.1 legacy codec;
  • Adding features such as flat panel displays (up to 105”), in-room floorstanding speakers, and single subwoofers;
  • 3D DXF of the room, client PDF documentation with equipment and technical calculations, and the ability to export to MS Word your client’s PDF document for subscribers;
  • Speaker placement table with distances from listening position in PDF, CAD screengrabs of each room elevation in the PDF, and client PDF calibration reports;
  • Interactive seating configuration and sofa seating configuration (with/without arm rests);
  • Fixed screen vertical height adjustment, sightlines and viewing angles; and
  • CSV file export to D-Tools' SI 2017.
Media Room Pro

CEDIA Members

  • $70 per use
  • $45 per month
  • $350 per year


  • $200 per use
  • $70 per month
  • $700 per year
About Our

Media Room Pro Plan

Building a more complex media room with features such as in-wall speakers or immersive audio? The Pro Plan is for you. ... More

Features included in Media Room ProOpen


ALL of the features in the basic Media Room Plan, PLUS:

  • Adding features such as on-wall loudspeakers, in-wall and custom speakers, center-channel speakers above or below a flat panel display, ceiling speaker placement, and flat panel displays (up to 105”) WITH an optional drop-down screen;
  • Immersive codecs up to 7.1.4 and 9.1.4, enabling of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X;
  • Adding multiple subwoofers and acoustic treatments;
  • Adding multiple tier seating configurations, different front row seating configurations, and sofa or armchair cinema seating configuration; and
  • RT60/500 Sabine Equation, custom screen size selection, user-selected MLP Row (main listening position), projector placement options (on-ceiling, pole-mounted or in-ceiling motorized lifter), projector lens throw calculation, and projector fL (foot-Lamberts) calculation.
Cinema Room

CEDIA Members

  • $110 per use
  • $55 per month
  • $425 per year


  • $250 per use
  • $85 per month
  • $775 per year
About Our

Cinema Room Plan

Moving into the universe of designing and building dedicated home cinemas? Start here. ... More

Features included in Cinema RoomOpen


ALL of the features in the Media Room AND Media Room Pro Plans, PLUS:

  • Interactive room render configuration tool (color of seats, walls, carpet and screen image, plus ceiling and/or coffered lighting), and a render configuration tool;
  • True-to-room renders including manufacturer’s seating and User-selected seating position for screen view render;
  • Screen size calculation for acoustically AND non-acoustically transparent fixed screens;
  • Baffle wall construction; and
  • Enabling for Auro 3D.
Cinema Room Pro

CEDIA Members

  • $145 per use
  • $65 per month
  • $500 per year


  • $300 per use
  • $100 per month
  • $850 per year
About Our

Cinema Room Pro Plan

The ultimate TCD tool, the Cinema Pro Plan enables quick and accurate designs of true reference-quality cinemas. ... More

Features included in Cinema Room ProOpen


ALL of the features in the Media Room, Media Room Pro, AND Cinema Plans, PLUS:

  • An immersive VR render;
  • Through-wall projector placement;
  • Adding high channel count above 11 channels/Trinnov Whitepaper (channel count calculated by manufacturer recommendations OR user-selected count);
  • High channel count above 11 channels/Harman's JBL Synthesis SDP-75 (channel count calculated by manufacturer recommendations OR user-selected count);
  • High channel count front-wide speaker selection;
  • Optional additional side surround speakers (not discreet channels) per row;*
  • Immersive CODEC up to 32/48 channels;*
  • DCI-compliant equipment;* and
  • First reflection points;* 

*Features in italics are coming soon.

*CEDIA Individual members do not get access to preferential pricing; consider upgrading your membership to Integrator company membership.

Trade supplier members can use the media room tier of the tool free of charge. Full access to the software is available to trade suppliers on a bespoke licencing agreement: please contact tcd@cedia.org to discuss this option.

From The TCD Blog

How They Did It: The Dark Night

by Brian Weiss | Nov 19, 2020


It’s quite an accomplishment that the Indian firm Sound Sense picked up a 2020 CEDIA Award for this cinema – Level I, EMEA.

What makes it even more amazing is that they handled the project – from start to finish – in just over two months.

Sound Sense took charge of the entire installation from commencement to completion, including project blueprinting, interior design, integration, installation, and client handover. The client — a busy workaholic who spends every waking moment at the office — wanted Sound Sense to design an “escape from reality” cinema room adjacent to his office. He requested a unique, discreet, world-class home cinema with a large screen and a seating capacity for up to seven people.

Due to the cinema room being located next to the office, noise isolation was a top priority for Sound Sense. To help the client understand the importance of acoustics both in and out of the room, the integrator provided him with a VR experience of the room set up. This allowed the team to explain how sound would be heard with and without acoustic treatment.


Sound Is Everything

The Sound Sense team notes the care that went into this room’s acoustic footprint: “The acoustic treatment for this project was aimed to rectify the reverberation time (RT) and solve problems relating to flutter echoes. Setting up the correct RT in the room helped to guarantee music clarity, sound definition and speech intelligibility.”

The integrator began by focusing on the biggest part of the room: the ceiling. “To attain the objective of precise listening, first reflections were treated, preventing undesirable effects like comb filter. The treatment on side walls aimed to absorb mid frequencies and geometric diffusion of high frequencies. To achieve envelopment for the surrounds, we used customized diffuser panels in the rear half of the home theater, particularly between the surround and rear speakers, adding spaciousness to the sound.”

The virtual walkthrough also provided the opportunity for the client to experience varying screen sizes -- and resulted in him opting for a larger screen. Sound Sense adds, “A few months past the completion of this project, when the projector had reached 300 lamp hours, we used the Murideo Prism to carry out a 3D LUT calibration for video output optimization.”


The Rest of the Story

Power management was also key. The firm say that they chose “a customized Acton power conditioner with the following features:

  • A linear level four filtration that improved the picture and sound by eliminating noise, pops and hums across the entire AC bandwidth,
  • Two high current outlets for the power amplifier,
  • Two pairs of RF coaxial in/out connections to protect the equipment from surges going through the cable/antenna sources,
  • Four AC outlets, and,
  • A power conditioner positioned at the main power supply point leading to both the equipment rack as well as the projector to handle any power surges or power outages (which are common in India).

The client wanted to have various ambient lighting scenarios to set the tone of the room based on his mood. Sound Sense customized the required solutions with diffused RGB lighting. As the color of the lights shift, the tone of the room changes.

Sound Sense delivered an immersive 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos cinema room that is stunning to look at and hits the key points on the client brief — the best AV experience possible, mood lighting, room ventilation, sound acoustics, and control via one single device.


Want a look at the equipment list? Check out this project at the CEDIA Awards site.

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