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Update 1.076 - Seating Layout

TCD now dynamically adjusts speaker placement in real time as the seat dimensions and positions are adjusted. See exactly how this works below.
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There are more features and improvements in version 1.076:

  • Manufacturer filtering improved
  • Dynamic speaker placement adjustment
  • Ability to add line source speakers, including improved calculation

Bug Fixes

  • Room mode correction now adjusts to accommodate baffle walls
  • Room height calculation improved
  • edit error fixed following room height error

From The TCD Blog

Jul 30, 2020

How They Did It: Le Cinema Garage

By Ed Wenck

The client who commissioned this cinema wanted his two “dream toys” side-by-side. That’s why this dedicated home theater is right next to the space that holds his Ferrarri. The project won the 2019 award for Best Home Cinema, Level I, EMEA, for the firm Hi-Concept.

Feb 07, 2020

The CEDIA HQ Theater

By Ed Wenck

A look at the reference-grade cinema at CEDIA HQ.

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