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Design technically-perfect media rooms and home cinemas - all in mere minutes.

TCD Does...

Discover what makes TCD the most powerful cinema design tool available.


Professionally-presented documentation including photo-quality renders, audio and video calibration reports, and detailed design parameters and calculations.


Export your design to calculate pricing, tax, required labor, and associated costs; including the ability to import your design's 3D CAD drawings into Visio.


Confidently design technically-accurate, immersive audio home cinemas with up to 32 channels, using any of the current immersive audio formats.


  • BPS, Inc.

    BPS, Inc.
    We think The CEDIA Designer is the ideal software solution for integrators who want to raise the bar of private home theatre installations. Providing clients a 3D rendering of their custom designed space is now a reality!
  • Arnaud Laborie

    Trinnov Audio
    TCD is a game-changer in the way that it allows integrators to specify a project according to industry standards within minutes.
  • Sawan Nichani

    I was amazed at how fast and efficient this design tool is.
  • Joel Silver

    Imaging Science Foundation - ISF
    We applaud the launch of this tool to help integrators ensure high performance for their clients.

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