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Design technically-perfect media rooms and home cinemas - all in mere minutes.

TCD Does...

Discover what makes TCD the most powerful cinema design tool available.


Professionally-presented documentation including photo-quality renders, audio and video calibration reports, and detailed design parameters and calculations.


Export your design to calculate pricing, tax, required labor, and associated costs; including the ability to import your design's 3D CAD drawings into Visio.


Confidently design technically-accurate, immersive audio home cinemas with up to 32 channels, using any of the current immersive audio formats.


  • Peter Aylett


    This will go a very long way to raising the standard of private cinemas everywhere. Everything The CEDIA Designer does are things that previously we’d have to do longhand, that would take us a very, very long time. The nice thing about TCD is that, as you spec different products, you can see, almost in real time, exactly the different levels of performance that those different products will give you.

  • Anders Uggelberg

    Procella Audio
    Quick, precise and elegant, The CEDIA Designer solves the task of optimum design of any cinema room.
  • Paul Cummin

    Artcoustic UK
    An awesome, must-have tool for installers designing the very best home cinemas.
  • BPS, Inc.

    BPS, Inc.
    We think The CEDIA Designer is the ideal software solution for integrators who want to raise the bar of private home theatre installations. Providing clients a 3D rendering of their custom designed space is now a reality!

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