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CEDIA Certification

CEDIA Certification is a set of four credentials that reflect defined areas of knowledge in the home technology industry. Earning and retaining certification allows you to demonstrate that you have completed the required study and field experience to master a particular skillset and body of knowledge. 

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CEDIA Electronic Systems Certified 
The ESC Certification is a foundational credential for individuals who work in the home technology industry and want to broaden their knowledge in all aspects of the channel.

ESC Pre-Test Assessment (English)
ESC Pre-Test Assessment (Spanish)
ESC Exam at a Testing Center (English)
ESC Exam at a Testing Center (Spanish)
CEDIA Certified Technician
The ESC-T Certification is for individuals who are well versed in rough-in and trim-out tasks as well as installation and troubleshooting. This certification covers the technical expertise that forms the foundation of the industry.

ESC-T Pre-Test Assessment (English)
ESC-T Exam at a Testing Center (English)
ESC-T Renewal Exam (English)
ESC-T Recertification Exam (English)
CEDIA Certified Networking Specialist
The ESC-N Certification is for an individual who has mastery of designing, installing, and configuring a network in the home.

ESC-N Pre-Test Assessment (English)
ESC-N Exam at a Testing Center(English)
ESC-N Recertification Exam (English)
CEDIA Certified Designer
The ESC-D Certification is for an individual well-versed in needs analysis, project design, documentation, and design management. Most professionals who sit for the exam have five or more years of experience.

ESC-D Pre-Test Assessment (English)
ESC-D Exam at a Testing Center (English)
ESC-D Recertification Exam (English)